Creative consulting

An important part of our work is to work alongside creative directors. We have a long year experience of guiding creatives through the 3D world. Our collaboration with photographers Nick Knight, Daniel Sannwald, Sølve Sundsbø have produced some amazing artwork. We have worked on album covers, music videos, fashion films, art installations, sculptures.

We have done magazine covers and editorials. A peak of the amazing work we have done through the years.

lane crawford
3D scan render for Arena Homme+Daniel Sannwald for Arena Homme+
Kanye west render for V magazineNick Knight x Kanye West for V Magazine
lane crawford Lane Crawford S/S '13

3D Scanning

3d Scanning is a fantastic way to capture objects into the computer using Laser or Structured light techniques.

We have 7 different types of scanning rigs. All of our scanning rigs capture both data and colour.

The most versatile 3D laser scanning & 3D object bureau in Europe for: 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Body scanning, Scaling Statues, 3D Facial scanning, 3D Printing, Mobile high resolution colour 3D body scanning, bespoke 3D Laser Scanning and 3D modeling for film, TV and web applications.

We can turn the scan data into CAD data using Rhino3D.

3d scan of a set of coins
3D scan of a buddha sculpture
Adidas shoe
3D scan of a modified beetle
Our work with sculptors and model makers is a game changer. We have been working with sculptors like Nikos Kotziamanis transforming their artwork in a matter of days.

We can scale up or down any object you have.

This also allows for any manipulation of the sculpture in its digital state. We can edit the data to suit its new purpose.

Sculpture /right/ measuring 2.5 meters scaled down to 5 cm.
sculpture being scanned and 3d printed in a smaller size
sculpture being scanned and 3d printed in a smaller size

3D Printing

We have a Zcorp Z450 colour 3d printer, this printer prints in plaster, after it is printed the model is quite porous we soak in a choice of infiltrants, for maximum strength we would soak it in Epoxy resin, for speed we would soak it in Super Glue, for moulding we soak it in our secret formula of Wax.

Our Form 1 3D printer uses plastic as its printing material. Objects are much stronger but very hard to manipulate after. It is often used for prototyping and objects that do not require retouching.

We have been involved with 3D printing for a long time. There isn't much we haven't been challanged with. Whatever your project is, just tell us your end goal and we should be able to help you reach it.
lane crawford
3D print car
3D print roof
Daphne Guinness 3D print
Ron Mueck 3D print
3D Print Terry

The human form

Rapido3D  Were the first company to design a full colour whole body scanning solution in the UK, nobody has as much experience in the UK as Rapido3d when it comes to scanning the human form.

Our body scanning rig gives us  unlimited positions capturing more data than any other scanning solution available to date.

Non Contact. Non laser solution.

Because it has been specifically designed to digitise human bodies, it's an ideal solution for game development, medical research, animation and cinematic special effects.

Our 3D Full Body Scanner captures a subject's 3D coordinates and high resolution color texture. the results can then be imported into most 3D software eg, 3D Studio Max, Softimage, Kaydara, Maya, Lightwave, OBJ, STL, VRML just to name a few, our colour output is compatible with our new Zcorp Z-450 full colour 3D Printer
Naomi Campbell scanNaomi Campbell
3D scan of an actor and CNC in marble3D scan of an actor and the marble CNC sculpture
Reza Aramesh
3D scan of model for Diesel 3D scan of a model for Diesel

About us

Rapido3D Park royal studios

We have been involved with 3D scanning and 3D printing for 17 years. There is no other studio in the uk that is familiar with the technology and as versatile as we are.

Being the studio we are we have worked with top artists from around the world, we help guide creative directors through the medium of 3D scanning and help them visualise their wants.

0203 536 1944

Rapido3d Ltd
Unit 6
2 Prince Edward Rd
E9 5NN
United Kingdom


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